Ce que disent les membres au sujet de la communauté, The Swenson House et des évènements qui nous rassemblent


Chaque membre en tire une expérience inédite et propre à lui. Vous trouverez ici quelques témoignages sur ce que The Swenson House et la communauté Swenson représentent pour celles et ceux qui la compose
Joined the place 2 years ago to step out of my comfort zone. This lead to me digging deeper for my sense of purpose. I met very inspiring people at The Swenson House Audierne, some of them joined my team, others became very good friends...
Off the beaten path of traditional European destinations, in Northwestern France you’ll find a unique hub of entrepreneurial spirit and creativity know as The Swenson House. Rather than fitting in to a traditional “scene” they created their own. It’s a place of subtle sanctuary where you can interact with other likeminded individuals and take some time to be inspired.

Ryan Kingman
STANCE Cofounder

Swenson has a knack for bringing together individuals who share an aura of positivity and adventure. The locations they choose and have are the backdrop to amazing experiences with amazing people.

Jamie Ramsay

For me, Swenson is just the right mix of structure and freedom.  Having a group of like-minded people and local resources encourages me to get out there, see and do things that I might miss on my own.

Amy Jones

I met a whole group of unique, enriching and amazing human beings with whom I had the deepest and most interesting conversations. Created lifelong relationships and also love working out of The Swenson House

Tom Willmot
Human Made Founder

I never imagined I could work in a place as beautiful as The Swenson House, surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and thinkers. Honestly one of the best decisions of my life.

Alice Sainsbury
Active Alice Founder

3 remote sessions at the Swenson House allowed me to keep my business moving forward by stepping back from the fast-Parisian life. The Swenson House is a perfect mix of a quiet place in front of the Ocean, and a dynamic community of interesting people. It was so nice for me, as a Startup-founder to work remotely every quarter, that we decided also to organize retreats with my team. We had a lot of fun, positive discussions about our culture and practices, in a positive and inspiring environment.

Adrien Chaltiel
Eldorado Founder

The Swenson House is building a real community, solid and alive. Of those who stick together and move forward together. This spirit of freedom, envy and projects existed, The Swenson House brings together those who drive it. I found there a real humanity, serenity and energy. And very nice meetings.
Going back to human scale, a sublime place, high-end content and activities that bring people together, A REAL FAVORITE!"
You feel at home, quickly made comfortable, a perfect place for anyone looking to get away from everyday life or inspiration

Nathalie Derouet
Nathalie Ceramist

For me, this entire year has been dedicated to stepping out of my comfort zone, pushing my limits and development as a human being. Swenson was the cherry on top to my “Year of New” and I would have never dreamed that I would meet such an amazing group of people. They truly made experiences for me greater than I could ever imagine

Gwendal Lecleach
ESB Surf School Founder