You’ve been with Summit for five years, which makes you one of the organization’s most senior women. How did you get to where you are today?

In August 2012, I packed my bags for what I thought would be a month away. Upon arrival at Summit, I was quickly involved in it all. I was the right hand woman to the Summit founders, designing interior spaces, hosting guests, and even using my love of creating to host arts and crafts and candle-making sessions. As the deadline to finalize the purchase of the mountain approached, we literally called out to the Summit community from the mountain tops about our vision—and they responded. Forty trailblazing community members chose to invest with us, receiving a homesite of equal value to their investment, in one of the most pristine and untouched areas of wilderness, in the largest ski resort in North America. With a giant map and some old school thumb tacks, we parceled out land to our founding investors and their families, creating the first blueprint of our alpine town of the future. It ignited my desire to help build our permanent home. I fell in love with how people were connecting with the mountain. I witnessed what it felt like for a group of people who generally don’t sit still to deeply understand what being rooted could feel like. They were home. Today I am focused on community development and place-making, which means that I connect community members to the right place to call home. I’m lucky to spend my days meeting the most inspiring, heart-centered people — all who share a common interest to make an impact, to live life a bit differently and co-create a place that embodies the values they live by. To date, we have pre-sold over 125 homes on the mountain. Construction of our Main Street, and over 20+ homes, is currently underway.

At Powder Mountain, you have managed to gather thoughtful, open-minded, and kind people with whom you want to spend time. Who are the neighbors, and why do you think all these interesting people are getting involved?

The community is a group of thoughtful disrupters. They are entrepreneurs, artists, authors, thought leaders, environmentalists and educators.  We now have over 140 families from all over the globe. Our neighbors understand this is more than just an opportunity to build a home here. It’s been obvious from the beginning that Summit Powder Mountain is unlike any other development project. This isn’t about having the biggest home on the hill. Above all, our neighbors consider who their neighbors will be, how the sun is going to rise and illuminate a room, and how we will respect the land we are building upon in everything we do. Summit Powder Mountain is a place where you not only love thy neighbor but you know thy neighbor.  A place where gathering with your neighbors is a regular occasion, and where a conversation around the dinner table can become one of your most memorable encounters or be as intellectually engaging as your most important board meeting.

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