Why should you plan a company offsite?

We all know company retreats can seem like a good excuse to get the crew away to a sunny location but there are practical and hugely beneficial reasons to plan a company retreat.

Companies, both large and small, face many problems which can be tackled at a company offsite, such as:

   Issues with image and attracting new talent

  Strengthening bonds between the team

  Putting a successful strategy in place

   Innovating with new ideas

Startups & companies try tons of solutions with beanbags in the office, dress down days and relaxed brainstorming meetings. But these things either don’t work or have very little impact. Swenson has been working with dozens of company with our print mag, for teams looking to grow, expand, strengthen or position themselves as a company worth working for. As we believe in people, our Swensoners have helped many companies achieve what they are after with a bespoke, uniquely tailored company offsite.


Our offsites are built by us, but tailored to your individual needs. It may be that you need us to get heavily involved to help with an issue you’re struggling with, or it may simply be that you want us to organise accommodation and workspace and you’ll handle the rest yourself.

Depending on what it is you’re looking for, Swenson can help in many ways through The Swenson House:

Accommodation, workspace & concierge service

All of our company retreats come with accommodation and workspace that has been organised by us, and we’ll always be around with our handy Slack concierge service. So if you’re not looking for help with anything else, but just need somewhere to stay and work, then we can help.

Team building

Team building is something that many companies struggle with, particularly if you have new members of your team or if your team work remotely. We organise a range of activities, such as surfing, hiking, coffee trips, restaurant bookings and group cooking sessions to build that all-important bond in your team.


A proper strategy is crucial to any company if you are going to succeed. Our workspace, meeting rooms and brainstorming sessions will help you to get a winning strategy in place. We’ve been told time and time again that by breaking the usual routine and getting away somewhere new, it’s much easier to focus on the coming months.

Innovation growth

We organise hackathons, demos, brainstormings, gamestormings, and mini accelerators all to help you grow new ideas and spur innovation. We’ve helped dozens of companies with this, and we can do the same for you too.

Work-leisure balance

We have a specially crafted calendar for each of our locations, perfected with all of the best sites, trips, and dining spots around. You simply let us know how much time you want to spend between working and chilling, and we’ll create your personalised calendar.

Helping to attract new talent

A company retreat is a great way to position yourself as a forward-thinking company that gives back to its employees. By staying with us we can help to craft a unique and cool company story for you that will boost your brand and social image.


In short; anyone.

If you just want help organising the basics with a place to stay and work or you want a structured retreat to take your company to the next level, then The Swenson House is here.

Whether you’re a large company, a small company, a startup, a tech firm, a development studio, a digital agency or something else entirely, we will carefully craft each retreat to suit your needs.